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Do you find yourself stuck in a problem and unable to move forward? Perhaps expert help is required. You need someone who is willing to listen, care, understand and provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to direct you into transforming your life into the life you deserve.

Coaching is a developmental process that focuses on achieving excellence and improving performance. A coach is able to use a variety of behavioural methods towards unlocking one’s own potential. Taking one’s problem and finding a solution, a goal is established through careful and emotionally engaging elicitation. Thereafter, techniques are used to ensure that you let go of any past baggage or future doubt, and focus on the ‘now’ in achieving that goal.


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In simple terms, NLP is about the language of the human mind. It is like a user’s manual for the brain, in which is very useful in achieving your goals.

Using perceptual and communication methods, NLP healthily transforms one’s thoughts and actions. It is extremely beneficial that people know how their language of their mind works.

Have you ever had your thoughts or feelings work against you? Or perhaps you don’t know how to deal with a current issue? By an expert understanding of how one’s thoughts, emotions, communication and behaviour are organized, excellent outcomes can be achieved.

At Well Being Coaching and NLP, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

1) You learn about the human mind, in reference to your situation, which will enable you to           use this amazing tool to the best of your ability.

2) You learn methods in which you can use by yourself to improve the situation you're                 dealing with, either at any time, or as a gradual process towards your goal.

3) NLP proven methods and techniques will be used on you, by the practitioner, in                     reference to your situation.

'There is no generic way of solving a person’s problem. As human beings, we are complex with very specific wants and problems. Your choice in someone who's going to help you requires someone who is able to find the root cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms, someone who listens to specifically what you want to achieve and takes into cognizance your desired outcome, and someone who is dedicated to understanding your mind and genuinely helping you be the best you can' - Nickiel Paramanand.

'Well Being Coaching & NLP has completely improved my stress levels and productivity in my field of work. Marketing and advertising is a very fast paced and stressful industry and this program has allowed me to maintain exceptional mental and physical balance. I strongly recommend this program to the corporate world as it leads to a better and more productive business mind'

Ash Naidoo


'Meeting the talented Nickiel has changed my life around and is a blessing. The medical profession can be very tiring and stressful thus not allowing one to get adequate rest. This programme has been a simply phenomenal experience. The guided meditation has promoted better sleep and great relaxation and Yoga has allowed me to be more flexible in body and mind. I feel really good! It is truly worth it and I recommend everyone to try it. It only betters your life' 



How much do you want change?

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