NLP Coaching

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Personal Coaching

Your physical, emotional, social, mental and sense of ‘peace’ states are imperative in your life. Here I work with you on a personal level; I understand your specific situation, determining exactly what you require to be on your way to your desired outcome. This is a safe environment in which you can express yourself freely and receive the correct workings to improve your situation, drastically.


Relationship Coaching

Relationships can become complex and difficult to deal with. Whether it’s single, couples, family or other relationship related coaching; this aspect of coaching will allow a very honest and cathartic experience towards reconciliation and/or liberation.


Coaching in Schools

Many distinct changes take place within the brain of a child and teenager, as well as many social and emotional changes as they grow. On top of that, a child/ teenager will have their individual challenges within their own modality that can lead to unwanted behaviour or emotional states. Coaching within this aspect is for students, parents and educators.


Wellness Coaching

This aspect of coaching will allow you to find success and fulfilment in your lifestyle. The focus here is on changing your behaviour and habits to achieve your desired outcomes. It could include giving you clarity and motivation to achieve your emotional, mental and physical goals. This is very beneficial because your individual wants, needs and lifestyle are taken into cognizance towards your overall well-being.

Workshops & Group Sessions



A mind- body transformation


Yoga is more than just exercise - it's a total mind-body transformation.
On a physical level, one's focus is to improve/ maintain good health with organs, muscles, nerves and inevitably the entire anatomy.
On a mental and emotional level, one's focus is to find total liberation. This includes freedom from insecurities, limited beliefs, unhealthy habits etc.
A state of continuous fulfilment, bliss and peace is experienced by many who consistently attend these Yoga classes.

There is no advanced and beginner in Yoga. You go at your own pace and capability in a safe and judgement free environment. You will surely improve with commitment.

Tai Chi

A deep & relaxing art


Tai Chi is an ancient type of meditative exercise with many benefits, some of which include good health, calm mind set etc.
It's movements are slow and fluid which relaxes and strengthens one's body. It helps one restore and sustain energy.

The Tai Chi taught by Well Being contains the traditional characteristics and postures, originating from ancient China.

Tai Chi can be performed by all age groups and no equipment is required in these classes. 

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